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Philip Staiger

My presentation will focus on Digital painting and animation with Project Dogwaffle. This is a software program created by an artist who lives in the North-Los Angeles (Saugus/ Santa Clarita) area. He's created this program over about 12 years, and I have been involved with it for about 10-11 years. It is made for painting with simulated realistic media, including smearing and pigment lifting.

- 3D scene generation and rendering with Puppy Ray raytracing from endless elevation maps - painting with video on video
- foliage brushes to create nature scenes with trees that gorw out of your brush strokes, grass and shrubbery

- many special effects and filters to add that special Hollywood touch

This will be a presentation of how to create pieces of artwork, assets that you may want to assemble in Photoshop or other digital media tools. Dogwaffle is not meant to replace them. it's a companion. It lacks a few key features, but it also complements them with a vast range of super-cool gadgets and capabilities.

I won the first Digital Iron Artist competition at Dragon Con Atlanta in 2005, competing against a contender professional user of Corel Painter. To read more about the presenter Philip Staiger, and the creator, Dan RItchie, visit

We will demonstrate how to create 3-4 key elements of a complex scene, and put it together in an animation.

The final product will be a scene with:
- some sort of sky, painted or rendered in various ways, most typically containing several layers of different clouds
- a mountain scene with fog and lighting, coloring and texturing to show details, perhaps a monument valley style or grand canyon style look
- trees and other foliage nearby, grass in the foreground, flowers and other nature elements - optical/lighting effects such as lens flares
- adding a snow storm/blizzard with small flakes moving horizontally at a distance, and big flakes, just a few, nearby, with turbulence.
- putting a nice wooden frame around it all
- other tricks as requested by the audience.

I got my art education (and fascination) in the school of hard knocks. Always had a passion for colors and pixels, coming from computer science/electrical engineering with computer graphics major. My grandfather was a stained glass artist (Otto Staiger), that may have helped too. Plus, having kids, especially an artsy daughter, you just can't avoid experiencing the artistic side of life. Now she's the one winning art competitions in college.

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