Meeting, Saturday, October 17, 2015

General Meeting, 1:00 pm.

Opened To The Public.

Clairemont Lutheran Church, 
4271 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. 
San Diego, CA
Parking is available in the church parking lot.

Board Meeting, 12 pm - 1 pm
All members are welcome to attend.

Guests and walkins welcome.


Chuck McPherson (NWS, WFWS, SDWS) Watermedia
Chuck is a Triple Signature member with The San Diego Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society and Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, among others. His art has been displayed at: Oceanside Museum of Art; San Diego Museum of Art; The San Diego Watercolor Society; National Watercolor Society Gallery; Fallbrook Art Center; San Diego History Center; The Marston House Museum; a long list of others; and the San Diego County Fair (holds all-time record for most accepted and most awarded at the Fair).

For our demonstration, Chuck will show us his Blue Painter’s Tape method for composing and painting without pencil layout. Used first as a “crutch” to compete with long-established painters that could “hold out” white and have that crutch become a STYLE unique his artwork.

What still makes Chuck happy about making Art is the successful translation of imagery in his head onto a blank sheet of paper, canvas or wood. That his watermedia efforts have been awarded nearly 200 times over eight years puts a smile on his face as well…!

Please join us for this unique and informative demonstration. Chuck is a personable, and entertaining speaker!

I will be sending out the Roster for 2016 soon. I will also have printed versions available at the meeting.

Thank you for your patience.


Your Art:

Please bring new art to show off at the meeting, or ask for help from other artists if you are stuck! We are always thrilled to see your work!

The Storefront will be open after the meeting on September 19. Please bring your art to display. We are getting a lot of interest from the new site, and have even generated new members who have seen our display. Try not to bring pieces that are too large so everyone else can display their art, too.


The Clairemont Art Guild

Founded in 1954

The purpose of the Clairemont Art guild shall be for the advancement of creative arts in the community and for individual growth through association with the Guild.


We will encourage each artist to create his or her own work, expressing individual interpretation of the subject.


We will strive to keep our aims and integrity above question. Copy work will not be exhibited.

The CAG holds monthly meetings, presenting lectures, demonstrations and critiques. Exhibits by credentialed members are shown in libraries and other locations. There are annual judged and juried shows at which ribbons and cash awards are given.

The CAG is associated with Mesa College Art Department. Awards are presented each year to outstanding art students from Mesa College.  We also present awards to students whose work is in the Student Division of the San Diego County Fair.


From The Newsletter

We Are Helping St. Marks:

St. Marks is holding a Youth Competition in Digital Art in October.  On behalf of Clairemont Art Guild, we are listed as co-sponsors on the prospectus.  This requires no work and no funds from us.  Just the prestige and pleasure of helping out St. Marks United Methodist Church which has been very kind to us.  I will bring examples of the prospectus to the meeting.

The Clairemont Rec Center Wall


The Clairemont Recreation Center on Clairemont Drive was the meeting place of the CAG for many years.  In the late 80’s, CAG created a handicapped drinking fountain with a wall of hand made tiles made by CAG members at the time.  In the 90’s we gifted that wall to the city of San Diego.  Mary Connelly had noticed recently that the tile wall had become badly damaged by time, weather, and wear and tear.  She had a meeting with Carol Wright, a Parks and Recreation Area Manager.  The drinking fountain had been removed a few years ago, and the wall is being used as a back stop for children playing soccer.  I am writing a letter to the city through Carol Wright to remove (or repair) the fountain because it no longer reflects the values of the Clairemont Art Guild.  We will keep you advised of the process, but it should not cost us anything as a guild.

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