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May 18, 2019

CAG Newsletter for May 18, 2019

Clairemont Art Guild

Clairemont Lutheran Church

4271 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117

Saturday, May 18

Board Meeting at Noon

General Meeting/Demonstration at 1PM

Our demonstrator will be Robert E. Younger, an exceptional photographer.  From his website: www.bobyounger.com “I have been a photographer in mind and heart since grade school. Trading in my Brownie Starmite for 35mm in the mid-60s, I graduated through the subsequent years of high school, college, and a stint as a Marine Corps officer to larger formats; eventually adopting 8x10 in the early-80s. I also graduated from making photographs for others, pictures I knew or at least hoped people would like; to making photographs for myself; making photographs in which I had some emotional skin. I realized that I was photographing places and things because of my interconnectedness with those subjects. I was making photographs because of the experience of making that connection; because making the picture gave me, gave my heart and soul a sense of my and the subject's place in a much larger physical and spiritual world.”

Mesa College Awards, Roxy Bohrer Chair

Charlotte Pearson and Roxy Bohrer went to Mesa College to select winners of our scholarship prizes of $50 each.  We selected four money winners and five honorable mentions.  Our money awards went to: Patti Elliot - ceramics, Evelyn Martinez Herrera - sculpture, Valerie Irvine-Karine - sculpture, and Kevin Ness - drawing.  Honorable Mentions were given a certificate and included: Luisana Rodriguez - color theory, Cristina Corona - color theory, Karen Gottlund - ceramics, Kanatach Techopas - sculpture, and a class collaboration with sixteen students - Instructor - Barbara Sexton.   Pictures of these artworks will be displayed at the June luncheon.

Storefront Gallery will be open after the meeting.  Marilyn Nelson will be undergoing surgery (just a new knee, she will be better than ever) and will not be available for a few weeks while she recovers.  We can contact Security to open and close for us.  Phone:  858-583-9790.  A board member can help you co-ordinate …


The Clairemont Art Guild

Founded in 1954

The purpose of the Clairemont Art guild shall be for the advancement of creative arts in the community and for individual growth through association with the Guild.


We will encourage each artist to create his or her own work, expressing individual interpretation of the subject.


We will strive to keep our aims and integrity above question. Copy work will not be exhibited.

The CAG holds monthly meetings, presenting lectures, demonstrations and critiques. Exhibits by credentialed members are shown in libraries and other locations. There are annual judged and juried shows at which ribbons and cash awards are given.

The CAG is associated with Mesa College Art Department. Awards are presented each year to outstanding art students from Mesa College.  We also present awards to students whose work is in the Student Division of the San Diego County Fair.

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